(Mobile & Interactive Karaoke Entertainers)


M.I.K.E. (Mobile & Interactive Karaoke Entertainers) Canada is a new organization created to promote a heightened public awareness of the 'Professional' KJ, to give support and/or lobby for legislation for participating members on issues, and to provide a place where KJ's can come to learn how to improve the quality of there own businesses or to network.

M.I.K.E. Will offer members such things as insurance, extended exposure to the public, and networking, plus so much more to enhance the lot of the KJ

M.I.K.E. will offer the chance to change the circumstances that until now, have been a frustration or deterrent to your company's ability to expand.

M.I.K.E. will address such issues as licensing for the creation of an archive, education and training, ethics, service in the industry, professionalism, and much more, all in the endeavor to create a higher standard. This higher standard will provide a better chance of getting what your worth in todays market.

the greater the numbers of voices on these and other issues which Karaoke companies face, the better the results will be, and we invite you to join our ranks. We already have the support and backing of some major music organizations.

For more information, please call:

Jo-Anne/Norm Bell (416)606-6392/(905)799-1932 (preferred)
Will Ruddy (905)562-6513
July Austin (905)965-3000